Payment Registration

We inform the iCAST 2018 participants that the paper has been “ACCEPTED”, to immediately make payments according to the registration fee category and the payment mechanism available in the registration menu.

Furthermore, after making payment, participants are required to register through the registration form available at, by selecting the appropriate category and filling in, the correct data including uploading proof of payment that can be read clearly.

After submitting the registration, our system will automatically send a notification to the e-mail filled in the registration form, please check your e-mail, then check the validity of the contents, especially the uploaded payment proof, if you can open the uploaded link in the e-mail and read it without error, we mean can also open and read it. Otherwise, please fill in the new data in the registration form.

Circumstances where after some waiting time and no incoming e-mail notification, there is a possibility that the e-mail filled in the registration form is invalid. Please fill in the new data again in the registration form.