About The Conference

Research forums and community service at the state polytechnic institutions incorporated and in the guidance of state polytechnic forums in Indonesia continuously make a breakthrough in developing research and publications in Indonesia.
some of its activities are holding an ongoing national conference and the latest is an international conference called 1st international conference applied science technology iCAST 2018, with topics covering enginering science and social science which will be held in manado indonesia which is very famous for various tourist destinations.

The conference is held as a means of sharing technology that is being developed both domestic and foreign research actors from the universities and industry, by inviting professors who are experts in the field brought in this conference as a keynote speaker in order to increase knowledge insight for the participants of the conference, it also held workshop of industry in the field of current science as well as exhibition of laboratory result as output from research which have been done and from industrial side, with this conference hope that the wide network of research cooperation will be established among the participants continuously.